Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

So apparently Bitch is a Lifestyle thinks I'm a very inspiring blogger! Which of course is a huge compliment coming from a fellow blogger! Anyway, like most things, there are rules. I know, always a catch somewhere right? Some of which I listed below. So, let's get started!

                      First rule: State 7 things about yourself:

I am a Christian woman who believes in God. I was raised in a Christian home but haven't always done the best job at raising my own children with the same strict Christian beliefs. I'm working on changing that. I've lost my way several times over the years but have always turned back to Christ. He is my rock, my salvation and has blessed me in more ways then I can even count.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach! Anyone who knows me, knows this is my favorite place to be. Something about the ocean, the sand, the waves...just ALL of it. Except the parking. The parking is a b*tch most of the time. Anyway, I digress. I find it to be serene, healing and one of the most peaceful places on earth.

I have FOUR children who keep me VERY busy! Oldest daughter is 15, second daughter is 10, my son is 9 and my youngest daughter is 6. Geesh, how do I keep that straight? hahaha

Aren't they precious?

Recently, I've taken on a new outlook and have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I've learned A LOT about fruits, veggies, grains, vitamins, minerals, seeds, juicing, smoothies, refined sugars, good carbs, bad carbs etc...the list goes on and on.

I've been married twice. Once was to my oldest daughters dad and the other was to the father of my youngest 3. I learned a lot from both marriages. There were a lot of good times but plenty of "what the hell am I doing to myself" times as well. Second marriage was more friendly and felt like we were 2 roommates living together than a husband and wife. I could write an entire 3 part blog on that subject alone!

I've had 4 serious surgeries. The first one was when I was 16 y/o and my appendix ruptured. 18 years ago they didn't have or often use laser. Nope, I still have a pretty little scar on the right side of my stomach. Next two  were c-sections with the two youngest kids. The last one was when I got a major staph infection a week after having my youngest daughter. Apparently the incision got infected while I was in the hospital so I had to go back in and have ANOTHER surgery to remove the infected tissue. Gross, I know. Hope no one was eating when reading this.

I love talking to people. Listening to their ideas, opinions, what they like etc. I find it so fascinating how we all work and think so differently but yet all still have so much in common. This can be a curse though. Because then I feel like I might become too interested and then my crazy brains start working overtime wondering what? how? why? when? (I'm getting excited just thinking about it!)

So now I'm supposed to list 15 other bloggers for this award. Here are 15 of my favorite blogs for all various reasons. Some have great giveaways, some are pee your pants funny, some are inspirational and make you do some soul searching; while some have great recipes and encourage healthly living. Others just bring a smile to my face with their post, pictures and comments. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do =)

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