Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love was just enough

I love you as the bright as the snow shines after a winter’s storm...
From the moment I saw you my life changed forever
So small and innocent and full of wonder
You looked at me with your eyes wide open
For all you ever need and wanted was mine to honor
A gift from God so precious more priceless than a gem
I used to ask myself “How did I get so lucky, I don’t deserve this prize”
I’m just a kid myself how will we ever survive?
All we had was love and it was just enough to get us through
Days, months and even years would pass by
Before you’d say the little words that the truly made me cry
“I love you mommy” was all it took to turn my gray skies into blue
My love will never falter although at times it may seem
That my heart has changed and things aren’t the same
It’s only to protect you from things you haven’t seen
I pray for you every night that God will keep you safe
That you never lose that wonder you had the first time we met
For that one day you will know how much I love watching you grow
To see all what you will become
From now until forever and for all the years to come
  ~To My beautiful daughter Victoria~