Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Does anyone send "real" holiday cards anymore?

From as far back as I can remember, one of the most exciting times of the holidays was going to the mail box to see what holiday/Christmas cards were there! I loved opening them and see what pretty sparkly glittered card would be inside. Or finding a cute family picture in front of a fire place or someones pet's running on the beach.  As I got older I looked forward to reading the "Family Letter" about what has happened over the last year with the kids, jobs, new home etc..

We would save EVERY card we received and hang them up around the mantel, next to door frames and even in the cute card holders you could hang on the wall. Not only did it help make things look festive but it was fun to see all the cards and family pictures from over the years.

Recently, after going through whats left of my decorations, I noticed how few cards I have anymore! I realized that this is a tradition that seems to be dying with the digital age of E-Cards, Facebook and a multitude of other online ways to send a card.

Yes it's "green" to send virtual holiday wishes and yes it's obviously much quicker but I think we as a society have seriously lost touch with what used to be real communication! There is something much more personal and "real" about a hand written holiday/Christmas card rather then just choosing from a generic list of text and pressing send! My late Grandmother has probably written more letters, Christmas, Birthday, Sympathy and get well cards then Hallmark has!

I admit I'm not always on top of sending cards so I don't write this to point any fingers or pass judgement.  More than anything, Holiday's or not, I wonder how many people still "write" anything?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Blind Date Disasters!

From one of my fabulous readers:

Sounds close to a horrible blind date I went on, but this guy cried during his confessional, then took out his wallet and pointed out pictures of his entire family. Then he tried to reach for my hand across the table and told me he prefers to wear thong underwear. Seriously. Then, he went to the bathroom, and I should have escaped, but I sat there like a dumb ass. He walked out of the bathroom, made eye contact with me, smiled and flexed his arms the entire way to the table (like noticeably up in the air flexes). He got into the booth, on his side, and proceeded to climb OVER the table to my side and tried to whisper sweet nothings in my ear. I freaked out! He walked me to my car, tried to kiss me good night, but I dodged it. Then, he called for two weeks, but I never answered. At the end of the week, he left me a message screaming at me saying I lead him on and his mother had been really excited to meet me!!!! LOL! You can't make this stuff up. True story!
Oh! And I forgot one of the best parts! When he shared his thong preference, he asked if I wanted to see. He ignored my plea, pulled up his shirt and his pants down slightly, and revealed a silky leopard print piece of something. Then, he says, "oh, and my belly button is pierced too!" Of course, he proudly flicked that a few times for me too. This opened up a can for my sarcastic soul, and I made extremely snarky comments about it throughout dinner, but he just laughed and said I was "soooo funny."