Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mouth to mouth feeding your baby?? Acceptable or Natural?

Recently GMA aired a segment on  Alicia Silverstone mouth feeding her 10 month old son by Premastication or pre-chewing.

This controversial video has sparked a lot of heat to whether or not "pre-chewing" is an acceptable way of feeding your child.  Now, without passing judgment, or at least sounding like I am, here are my thoughts and opinions on this.

1) I've done a LOT of what I would consider to be "un natural" things while raising my kids for the past 14 years! I've licked my thumb and wiped foreign gooey substances from their face, I've had to use my OWN hands to wipe snot from their noses and even help them poop when necessary! They've thrown up, spit up and shit on me at times and yes I've even had the joy of TASTING their vomit! What can I say, it happens!

2) I'm not sure what purpose "Premastication" actually serves? Understandably, while breast feeding you're feeding your baby from your body. Giving your child all the natural antibodies and nutrition they need.  But coming from your own mouth just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me? Isn't that what formula and food processors are for?

3) The medical disadvantages include a wide range of diseases that can be transferred from mother to child while premasticating. Diseases from infected parents to their infants including HIV-AIDS from their saliva and open mouth ulcer, as well as possibly hepatitis B virus and Helicobacter pylori.

4) Then of course there's the controversy over "kiss feeding" your child! Personally, for me, this is not something I would have ever done and sure as hell would NEVER want their Dad to have participated in.  Using my tongue to push the food in my baby’s mouth seems to be crossing the line of what's acceptable when it comes to any part of me touching another part of my child. Or anyone else's for that matter!

I don't think this is just a matter of what is appropriate because we all have different versions of what we consider to be acceptable especially when it comes to raising children.  I mean, am I wrong for thinking this is an unnecessary breeding ground for bacteria and gems being passed from you to your child? Of course they're going to get germs from EVERYWHERE as they grow up but I for one prefer it doesn’t come from my own mouth!

Basically, when all is said and done this is NOT a form of feeding I would have done or will ever do! I'm all for breast, bottle, utensils and good 'ole food processors!