Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The River

After miles of walking, tired and cold
He dropped to his knees realizing he was all alone
His heart is broken and his will is gone
Trying to move on with one foot in front of the other
Never letting anyone know just how hurt he was

The road grew longer and his strength weakened
Falling deeper into the despair he had created
Not sure how long he could carry on

As he continued this journey a new path appeared
At the end was a light, so bright he could not ignore
The mystery intrigues him and drew him closer in
Not knowing what uncertainties lied ahead

At the end was a river, a river that seemed to run for miles
The sun skipped off its surface, so radiant he could only smile
He sat by the bank and relished in its grace and perplexity
For days he would visit the river and ponder its movement
Some days the water was undisturbed and soundless
Others it flowed rapidly with anger and disappointment

Every day he would come back and sit by the bank
To reflect on the journey he had traveled thus far
This river that shines brighter than any heavenly star
Making him feel secure, a feeling so ordinary and rare

He sat near the side of the bank to watch the water flow
Knowing the river would always be there
No matter which direction he would go

Watching the suns glowing reflection, feeling the warmth on his face
He longed to be immersed by the waters embrace
Afraid of his own direction and where he would be taken
“Do I have the endurance to sustain its rapidly changing pace?”

Then he remembered the road he had traveled
The one which brought him here from the start
He remembered the mystery and glow that healed his broken heart

He knew the river would always be there
No matter which direction he would go
Reaching over with one hand, his feet firmly planted on the shore
He took a leap of faith and welcomed the cool waters against his skin

Each day he returned, reaching a little further
Facing his fears and uncertainties
The water gently surrounded him, careful not to move too fast
He could feel the kindness throughout his body
His mind at rest and his soul being swept away

Radiant as the suns light that danced across the surface
Just as beautiful as the day he first laid eyes on the waters vastness
Bringing his life a whole new purpose