Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Who say's face painting/body art is just for kids? Read about my awesome face painting/body art session.

So awhile back ago a mutual friend informed me they knew someone who was starting her own business for face painting. How fun I thought! She asked if she could use my 2 younger daughters as models to put up pictures on her website. Again, how fun right? My girls love dressing up so this was a perfect fit.

A couple of weeks later we met at a local park along with a few other parents and their anxious little ones. Each of the girls was given a colorful tutu, matching fairy wings and a cute flower for her hair. I already knew this wasn't going to be your average face painting gig. We were greeted by Jasmine Starr McKay of  Starryfaceart. We spent the next hour getting the kids all gussied up and ready for photos (which came out great, but of course I'm a little biased)

This got me fun would it be to have this done too? I know, I'm 33 y/o and should act like it; not like an 8 y/o girl. But, but why not? Just because I've added a few years to this awesome face and figure (that *might* be a slight exaggeration) why not add some color?! So I reached out to Jasmine and made an appointment for MEEE! I'm not sure what I was expecting really; I just thought it could be fun to 'be a kid again' and have a little fun!

Jasmine was GREAT! when I arrived I told her "Have add it! Do whatever you like!" Needless to say you give any artist (and what a fabulous artist she is) a blank canvas and their creative wheels start turning. She went for an avant garde look which honestly I didn't really know what that would translate to on my face. Luckily, it seemed translate well.

I know, pretty cool huh?! She did such a great job. I wasn't expecting this AT ALL!

I love how she brought it down the side of my neck and across my shoulder.

After this she wanted to show me what she refers to as "Girls night out" with a simple yet fun look.

 It was so much fun to get all "dressed up" in a not so traditional way =)

I think it's important for ALL women (not just moms) to go and have some creative fun! Who says a day at the spa is the only way to let loose and have a good time? How awesome would it be to reinvent the classic slumber party and have a "Girls night out party" with drinks and body paint? I can only IMAGINE the designs that would be painted. LOL

Jasmine has been creating amazing looks all over the Los Angeles and Orange County area for the last few years. She's been featured at the LA County Fair, charity and corporate events and of course countless birthday parties! 

Her prices are VERY reasonable AND she travels! Doesn't get much better then that!

Here are a few more photos from various events. For more you can visit her Facebook page or website.

Perfect for Halloween

Beautiful Unicorn

 This reminds me of CATS!

 Love the Tribal look!

To make an appointment or contact Jasmine you can find her on
by phone 626.222.9889