Monday, May 20, 2013

Jamberry Nails

I consider myself to be a total girly girl. I love fashion, jewelry, nails and SHOES...sweet Jesus I love shoes! So naturally, my lovely daughters have followed in my glittery footsteps. One thing they always love to do is polish their nails. I'm not even kidding when I say they must have 40+ nail polishes between the two of them. Jenna is still too little to polish her nails but I'm sure she'll be well on her way pretty soon. However, when I brought home a package of Jamberry Nails she was SO excited. See, Jamberry nails aren't polish; they're nail wraps. She's 6 and they were simple enough for her to do on her own.

Candace, at Jamberry sent us 2 different styles. I got really excited when I saw they had a juniors selection! My middle daughter bites her nails so their small nail wraps were perfect for her. She ended up selecting the Zebra and Scribble Hearts.

Zebra and Scribble Hearts
 For my oldest daughter, who is 15, I went with a little more shabby chic look. For her pick, we choose Demi Rose

Demi Rose

Here's an actual picture of what they look like after being applied.

Finished product :)
You can also use these on your toes as well. Just make sure you use the hair dryer to help soften the wrap when applying. It takes a little practice but once they're on, they're so much nicer then actual polish. Instructions on how to apply and remove them are located here: Application and Removal

"Jamberry nail shields offer the hottest trend in fashion. Wrap your nails in over 250 designs"

If you're interested in ordering please contact Candace @ Jamberry Nails or her FB page:


  1. I love these! They last longer than nail polish too.

    1. I noticed they lasted for a while. Even after a week of school and swimming they were still on my daughter!