Thursday, April 11, 2013

Adventures at Pretend City!

I'm always looking for fun places to take my kids on the weekend. Some place where everyone (even the teenager) can enjoy the day and have a good time. My 9 y/o son wanted to go Pretend City. He's been there once before and has been begging me to go back! How could I say no, right? I mean, he's the only boy amongst 3 sisters and a mom. Let the boy have his birthday where he wants! So, last Saturday, that's exactly what we did. We headed down the 5fwy exited Bake in Irvine and arrived at Pretend City. I didn't reserve their party room since there were only a few of us going. Although, I might do that for the next party. YES, I'm going back!

Anyway, once we arrived and got our tickets, the kids took off and scattered. The staff or "Pretendgineers" as they call them, were so great. Everyone was super friendly and especially helpful in the arts and crafts room. Below are a few (okay fine, SEVERAL) pictures of our day there.

Welcome to Pretend City
Getting help in the Art room

Oh my, that's paint! ahhhh

The staff was SO helpful

It's a mini Ralphs! How cute is this?!

Jenna inside Ralphs being the checker.

Lifting 'weights'
It's the birthday boy. A strong one too!

This is the full serivce Pizzaria. Jenna is serving her cousins and older sister. Jacob, my 15 y/o nephew is Autistic and he LOVES the enviroment Pretend City provides
Cute little farm where you plant "pretend" veggies and fruit.
What? Big kids can have fun too!

See! Even big kids can have fun too =)

She would kill me if she saw this! haha (evil laugh)
They have a stage where kids can create their own music
and put on a show!
They have a gift store so you can bring the imagination home
This is SO cute! They do a parade right before closing.
They collect all the instruments and play music and walk
around Pretend City. Matthew go to be the line leader since
it was his birthday.

Building area

Every city needs a post office.

We had such a great day at Pretend City. The staff is great, the place was clean and resonably priced and above all Matthew had an awesome birthday! To follow them on FB or to get a list of events go to their Facebook page: Pretend City on Facebook

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