Monday, February 6, 2012

Your wedding dress is nice in a hidious sort of way

We've all been through that awkward moment! You know, the one where you're DYING to see a picture of your friends final choice for her wedding dress. You're either leaning over a computer screen or opening an email waiting for the unveiling of this dress when BAM! There it is...the most hideous thing you've ever seen!
I mean what do you say? Definitely not YES to the Dress! Do you fake the expression that is so clearly obvious on your face or do you give them your opinion? I mean of course they must LOVE this dress if it's the one they've chosen...right?  So do you give them the honest truth? I say you smile, say something nice and keep your mouth shut about how you really feel.

Giving YOUR opinion of THEIR dress is probably not the best idea.  Even if she's asking for your feedback, trust me, she's already made up her mind.  Of course she wants you to love it just as much as she does! Whatever you do DON'T let it get out that you secretly hate the dress either.  This will only backfire because now she knows not only do you hate her dress but now you're a liar!

So next time you're in this situation suck it up, put on a fake smile and tell her how pretty she's going to look. It's her special day. Let her feel special no matter what she's wearing =)

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