Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Waking up wet!

Ya I thought that would get your attention! Okay but seriously now I posted awhile back ago about my sons bed wetting issues.  He's not 7 and we're still having a hard time.  I understand from personal experience how hard of a habit this is to break.  I've tried all the usual things, restricting liquid after a certain time, waking him up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and have even taken him to the doctor.  I know he's REALLY embarrassed about this but STILL can't seem to stop.  Some think if he just keeps wetting himself that he'll stop...uumm not so much. 

I want to find another way to help him.  I feel awful that he's 7 and still having this problem.  Even his 4yr old sister wakes up dry every morning.  Maybe I should take a more unconventional approach not that I have any ideas or suggestions to support what that approach might be! Any words of wisdom from anyone who's actually been through this would be super helpful!


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  2. ask your doctor to prescribe him DDAVP! The problem is he must sleep so soundly that the gland in his brain is underdeveloped and unable to wake him when he needs to go. It has been around for years...heck I took it as a child and my daughter is currently on it at 11. You will see a world of difference immediately and as soon as the gland in his brain is developed (which the meds help with) he will be able to stop the meds and have no more accidents. Hope this helps :)