Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Selfish and Selfless

I swear my headaches are a result from stress, not eating right and lack of
exercise but sometimes all I want to do is turn off the lights and crawl back into bed!
Keeping up with all we have to do as Mom's and/or parents can take such a toll on our bodies. Not just a physical toll but an emotional and mental one as well.  How can you NOT feel selfish when wanting to do something for yourself?! Yes we all know the whole "Take care of you first" phrase but really how many of us ACTUALLY do that?


  1. Nope not selfish!! I think I am a much better mom when I am happy and let's be honest an hour mani/pedi over the course of the week is about hmm... 1% of time spent on yourself? I love my scrapbooking time with other moms because it gives me a venue to hear other moms stories and share my own and I always leave thinking I'm not alone or maybe my problem wasnt' so bad...hehehe

  2. Yes it's nice to have that outlet to be able to do things for yourself. I'm just finding that more and more our lives are spent worrying or focusing on work, kids, partners, family, laundry and everything else! Just hard to find the time to stop and just relax and enjoy the quiet moments to yourself. Everytime I have a few minutes I think "I could totally be doing the laundry right now or washing dishes" Can't seem to get over the "use your time wisely" statement I grew up with...